Microsoft Word Introduction Course

Microsoft Word Introduction Course is an essential part of today’s professional. Whether you are creating a report, writing a letter or other formal or semi-formal document, getting a sound working knowledge of Word, will improve your productivity. This Microsoft Word Introduction Course gives an introduction and firm foundation to Microsoft Word. It is designed for Word 2013, 2016, 2019 & 365.

Who is this course for?

Our Microsoft Word Introduction course is suitable for beginners (individuals or corporate) to Microsoft Word or those that need a solid foundation to the basics of Word.


A working knowledge of Microsoft Windows. No knowledge of Word is required


At the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of how to create, edit, format and print documents. You will be able to create documents that are easy to read and comprehend by your intended readers.

Course Outline

What’s new in Word

Getting Started
Exploring the Word window
Creating and saving documents
Printing Documents
Getting Help

Editing Documents
Opening and navigating in documents
Automated tasks
Editing text
The undo and redo commands

Moving and Copying Text
Selecting text
Cutting, copying, and pasting text
Finding and replacing text

Formatting Characters and Paragraphs
Character formatting
Using tabs
Paragraph formatting
Advanced paragraph formatting

Creating and Managing Tables

Creating tables
Working with tables
Modifying tables

Controlling Page Layout

Creating headers and footers
Working with margins
Working with page breaks

Proofing and Printing Documents

Checking spelling and grammar
Previewing and printing documents

Web Features

Saving documents as web pages
Working with hyperlinks
Emailing documents

Training Mode

  • Online/virtual
  • Physical/in-person

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