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Micrsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that is part of Microsoft Office 365 Suite.

It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, & macros. It is a valuable tool for list management, data analysis and financial modelling.

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Microsoft Word Training

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet. A spreadsheet is a computer application that is arranged in rows and columns called cells. This is a tabular structure that is used for storage, organisation, analysis, calculation, and visual representation of data.

When you have data that you want to store, or analyse and compute, then you need software like Microsoft Excel.

If you work with data sometimes or regularly, but do not need a database, then you need a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel (see the difference between a database & spreadsheet). If you have never taken Excel training in any form, then you need to attend this one. If you attended Excel training in the past but have difficulty using basic feature or managing lists and data, then you should also attend Excel Training. This provides insight and helps you get the best from Excel.

Microsoft Excel is a computer application. A training provider should provide services to people based on their declared & perceived skill level.

To choose an Excel training company, you should consider their (described) method of delivery. How would they help participants gain & implement learned skill on their jobs or task at the shortest possible time. Excel training companies will demonstrate the features of Excel, and show instances, scenarios of how it can be used. A good Microsoft Excel training company will provide worked examples both in class and for participants to further deepen their understanding.

There are several Excel training companies in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. If you require physical training, then you will need to search for phrases like “Excel training companies near me”. Online training offers flexibility.  Some will even provide full or limited access to the live training, so participants can relive the training at a later time. Companies like Deftjobs provide both online & physical training to individuals & corporate teams.

This depends on a number of factors. Will the training be online or in-person or physical? How long will the training last? If it is a physical training, note that providers will usually add an extra cost for logistics. Also, will the training be for a general class or one-on-one. Costs can range between N10,000 and N100,000


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