Microsoft Word Intermediate Course

Microsoft Word Intermediate Course is an essential part of today’s professional. This course helps participants become proficient users of Microsoft Word. It is designed for Word 2013, 2016, 2019 & 365.

Word introduction course

Who is this course for?

Our Microsoft Word Intermediate course is suitable for people with basic working knowledge of Microsoft Word. It is for both individuals and corporates.


A working knowledge of Microsoft Word or our Word introduction course


This Microsoft Word training course is designed for those users who wish to improve their current knowledge of Word and take advantage of the more complex features. You will be able to divide a document into sections and columns, to format tables and populate them with data directly from Excel spreadsheets. You will also learn how to add recurrent data to documents in a series such as page numbers and headers. Finally you will be shown how to prepare labels and envelopes, add your company logo to a letter and set up a template for future mail.

Microsoft Word Course Outline

What’s new in Word

Working with Sections and Columns

Creating and formatting sections
Working with multiple columns
Working with text in columns

Formatting Tables

Table formatting
Borders and shading
Table Styles

Working with Excel Data

Working with Excel data in Word
Performing calculations in tables

Working with Styles and Building Blocks

Applying styles
Modifying and deleting styles
Using styles to create outlines
Quick Parts

Working with Headers and Footers

Creating section headers and footers
Page numbering

Working with Graphics

Inserting pictures
Using SmartArt
Inserting WordArt and symbols
Applying watermarks
Using shapes

Document Templates

Using templates
Creating templates

Training Mode

  • Online/virtual – Training is available online. We run instructor-led live sessions with practice sessions and case studies
  • Physical/in-person – Our in person Word training is available at our training facility in Lagos or at our clients’ location.

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